[Avatar 3.0] Jade: The Dragoness

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Meet Jade, the dragoness! She is a unique character that shares two unique forms! She is super cute and has a TON of features to boot! Read further for more information!

Showcase video: https://youtu.be/TpTQNbVSKro
Features video: https://youtu.be/zH2Piw5fml8

She comes with three unique packages for you to pick from

This version is full of wonderful and exciting in-game features! here's a quick summary of them:

  • DPS (9 places)
  • Eatable cookie
  • a following slime that you can stomp on
  • Justsleightlyball v2 with FBT mode
  • facial modification in game (eye shape/ear shape/face shape/lip shape)
  • body modification in game (plus size to skinny/hips/chest/thighs)
  • audiolink customization (change intensity/speed/colour)
  • colour customization (skin/hair/bodysuit)
  • two clothing colourways (white and black)
  • two outfit designs (human and dragon)
  • Dissolve clothing toggles (all accessories and outfits)
  • two hair types (short and long)
  • three types of design (fox style dragon style human style)
  • face gestures (ahegao/angry/what!?/smile/plep)
  • a spawnable bed that you can scale and share with friends
  • breathing particles when you come close to another players head
  • full 11 point tracking rig (tested!)
  • Physbones with grab/stretch/pose
  • ARkit blendshapes*
  • Gogoloco
  • Pbr -> baked toggle for clothing

*Face tracking is not set up on the model. However the face tracking blendshapes are there for those who use VRCFacetracking and want to implement it on her. For more information on how to set this up: https://github.com/benaclejames/VRCFaceTracking

The medium versions of the respected human version and dragon version come with less features but are made to be optimised for club settings! Here is a list of the features for the medium versions:

  • Clothing toggles
  • Audiolink toggles
  • PBR to Baked toggle for outfits
  • breathing particles when you come close to another players head
  • gogoloco
  • 11 point tracking rig (tested!)
  • physbones with grab/stretch/pose

Credit lists!



Unity work:

MMD Conversion: AleaseVRWarehouse


  • The design of Jade was created by using a mixture of both normal concepting and using AI to generate inspiration for the concepting phase. The final design does not reflect the overall AI generation and is a mixture between AleaseVR's concepts and AI inspiration.
  • AleaseVR has been given exclusive resale rights to add the Follower slime from Eliza's model Lailah to Jade by ElizabyteVR. You can check out Eliza's model Lailah by checking the link here: https://www.elizacg.com/p/lailah/
  • This model is a collaboration between AleaseVRWarehouse and scorchedE.C.H.O. Design and modelling phase was completed by AleaseVRWarehouse whilst unity logic and parameter design was completed by scorchedE.C.H.O. To check out their store click the link here: https://store.scorchedecho.com/

Special thank yous:

A special thank you to all the dancers who were in the showcase video! You all showed her off brilliantly. A Big big thank you to Ariel for filming/directing/editing the showcase video it is absolutely fantastic. A massive thank you to echo for being a good sport and putting up with unitys bugs and crashes. I am forever thankful and grateful to Winchester who stands by me with all my models and helps with QA as well as fixing my weighting mistakes when they happen I <3 you and lucky to have you.

Also thank you to my community for cheering me on after all I've been through lately with models. Thank you guys!


Please note: You must do this in this order. Failure to import prerequisite packages like the VRChat creator companion can lead to things working incorrectly on Jade or simply using an old SDK will prevent you from uploading due to her max parameters. It is especially important to install the Final IK stub. Failure to do so will make certain systems that utilize avatar contacts to no longer function. Please be sure to make use of a new project for her and not to add her into your current project as this will lead to her breaking and becoming unusable!!


TLDR: Don't share the package or model, don't make it public, don't upload it to websites, don't sell the model or edits of the model, don't pull off parts from the model even if you own the parts. Yes you can stream in this model just credit is required in your about me section.

By purchasing this item you agree to adhere to and follow the terms of service.

Under no circumstances may you price split to buy this as a group. The license of this avatar is unique to one person.
Under no circumstances may you use this model for NFT related sales or artwork

Under no circumstances can the item be used for profit. This includes but not limited to; Com-missionary use, video, art and 3D printed products.

Under no circumstances can this item be used for public avatar worlds in VRChat or any virtual reality game that includes the option for public avatar worlds.

Under no circumstances are you allowed to set this model to public it must stay privatized.

Under no circumstances may you sell derivative work of this item. This includes recolours part swapping and full outfit and base.

Under no circumstances may you use parts from this model for commissions or to resell. Even if you own the parts already.

You are allowed to edit your own personal version of this avatar, however you must follow terms of service of no distribution and resell.

Under no circumstances may you redistribute this item.

Under no circumstances are you to port onto any game that you plan to profit from.

Failure to adhere to terms of service will result in fines and legal action. You may be asked to cease and removal as well.

At no point can this models parts be used on other models, including if you already own the parts.

Streaming with this model is allowed however, if you plan on streaming with this avatar you will need to include in your about me section the entire credit list. If credit list is not provided you may be asked to cease using the model.

This is a digital product For digital downloads, consumers will need to waive their cancellation rights before digital content can be provided. This means that once a consumer/customer has downloaded the content, then they have given up their consumer rights to a refund.

PLEASE NOTE: You must put your Discord into the required field. This is so I can contact with new packages when updated and verify you in my server.

Having issues? Contact me!

Discord: Alease#8983

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Digital Content Policy (Refunds)

Thank you for your interest in this product! Please see below the content policy:

This is a digital product For digital downloads, consumers will need to waive their cancellation rights before digital content can be provided. This means that once a consumer/customer has downloaded the content, then they have given up their consumer rights to a refund. This means all sales are final and are not subjected to refunds on the product.

Chargebacks will be subjected to investigation as well as blacklisting from Gumroad. Please be aware that chargebacks hurt the seller and are classed as fraudulent. Please be aware that on case of chargebacks that the bank will be provided with sufficient evidence as well as content policy to cancel the chargeback.

Age Content:
in order to purchase this model you must be over the age of 18. If found to have purchased this model under the age of 18 your content will be revoked with no refund provided and may be subjected to reporting to services the model is used for.

Last updated Jun 27, 2023

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[Avatar 3.0] Jade: The Dragoness

21 ratings